Autocue Teleprompter Services

Teleprompter Services

Whatever your Teleprompter autocue requirements, MediaFX Video Corporate works with your company to ensure the best video film interview or presentation production. we can supply our professional Teleprompter autocue with or without an operator for hire contact us for all your teleprompter requirements. Corporate videos, Internet viral videos, Website transparent videos, Live Broadcasts for Lan and Internet From script or storyboard to disc and finished production we can shoot on location or in our Noosa based SpecialFX Studio. video corporate Mediafx can also use the teleprompter at different locations around Australia as this is a completely portable system. It has a 17 inch monitor screen so you can read the teleprompter from as far as 8 meters the teleprompter service locations we can work with you in

Scripts for the Teleprompter

It's so easy , just send us your script or bullet pointed list that you wish to use, we will have this ready to go on the computer for the teleprompter, then just allow a rehearsal time of approx 20 minutes for us all to work in sync with each other and voila and we will have a great video presentation. Teleprompter available for peace of mind, we can run the questions out of the prompter or a full readable script from 5 to 6 meters in daylight.

Training for a teleprompter or presentation

We offer full training and rehearsal for teleprompter and autocue presentations, We also have experienced script writers who can help with the script if required to make it more compelling and hold audience attention

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