About Video Corporate

Team & Partners

Our team at Video Corporate are professionals with a vast amount of knowledge and experience
the lead partner for Video Corporate is MediaFX,
MediaFX a Brisbane video production company with worldwide client list in advertising and studio work
For all Live sports broadcasts by SportsBrand
we use the latest technology and film equipment from the best hire company Movcam - Australia - owned by our group

What we do with conferences and presentations

Studio setups

We have our boutique studio on the Sunshine Coast at Noosa and we set up studios around Australia for various clients domestic and International
We can set up studios on location within a couple of hours.
Key Staff members are articulate in a variety of languages
we offer training for Teleprompter - autocue use as well as direction and assistance with presentation speakers if required

Conference filming

Video Corporate take conference and presentation filming to a higher level
with muliple cameras giving a selection of complimentary angles.
Put this with a vision switcher and great audio
so you can have a same day edit.
Plus we can also stream live with the switcher and multiple cameras.

Our Clients



We recently filmed the programme Better Health & Fitness at the clients Island.


Flight Centre

Like Richard Graham has a flight business and like our other clients Graham is a keen athlete


Fit and Fast

Celebrity Queen of the fitness industry Australia



Making a quality tennis advert with stars of the court