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what we offer

A tailored live stream package to suit the conference event video for your company. 1, 2, 3 ,4 or 5 cameras, a same day edit if required, live streaming from multiple cameras to your platform or a custom platform we can set up for you, Professional audio and lighting, even a telescopic camera crane and external drone shots. Plus a choice of teleprompters / autocue either for interviews on the camera or for stage as wedge style, live streaming with encrypted password protection for medical and legal conferences

Multi camera

From 1 to 5 cameras, with a telescopic camera crane for live music events and a 4K drone for establishing aerial footage.

Live streaming

Multiple bonded connection live streaming. Reliability faster upload speed and power, your live broadcast can be seen worldwide in HD .

same day Edit

With multiple cameras we can save your company time and money with a same day edit via our vision switcher.

Teleprompter - autocue

Our professional service autocue is available for live conferences as well as in-house company interviews or training videos, either camera mounted readable from 5 metres or floor mounted stage prompters

Multicamera livestreaming for conferences and presentations

Studio setups

We have our fully equipped studio on the Sunshine Coast at Noosa and we set up studios around Australia for various clients domestic and International
We can set up studios on location within a couple of hours.
Key Staff members are articulate in a variety of languages
we offer training for Teleprompter - autocue use as well as direction and assistance with presentation speakers if required

Conference filming

Video Corporate take conference and presentation filming to a higher level
with muliple cameras and live streaming giving a selection of complimentary angles.
Put this with a vision switcher and great audio
so you can have a same day edit.
Plus we can also stream live with the switcher and multiple cameras via a bonded network connection.

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Please supply as much information as possible to get an accurate quotation. Please start with location , length of event days and hours, type of event , conference or music festival. number of cameras required, telescopic crane yes or no, steadicam or easyrig , live stream and same day editVideo Corporate is a partner of MediaFX, the industry standard in Film, Television and Event production. Branding and quality of work is second nature to all who work at Video Corporate